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Programs & Services

Patient and Nurse

Why Nova Home Care?

Reknowned quality of our home palliative care services given by experienced professionals.

Service hours from 8:00 to midnight, 7 days a week;​

Free access to our services;

The services are always provided by the same nurse or home health aids;

Close relationship with the CLSCS​;

Our Quebec Blue Cross Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program offered to all home care nurses across the Quebec province.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care

This program offers in-home support and comfort to terminally ill patients through specialized nursing care and help with symptom management, including pain control. ​

This service is offered free of charge by specialized nurses, home health aids and a social worker.​

Nova works in collaboration with the CLSCs to establish the treatment plan and for all the visits. Our role is to support the public system, so we work as partners.


We receive vital aid from l’Appui Montreal which allows us to provide very crucial relief free of charge for palliative care patient's caregivers.

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On a scheduled basis, trained Nova home health aides will help with daily activities such as personal hygiene, physical and mental wellbeing, treatment, medication and other activities in home. ​

This service is offered to people with chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, strokes, cancer, and frail health. ​

No medical referral is required. ​

 Nova Home Care offers a maximum of 6 hours of free home health aides services every week.

We receive vital aid from l’Appui Montreal and Grace Dart Foundation which allows us to provide very crucial relief free of charge for  patient.

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Home Support
Children's Services

Service Area

Our services are offered in the territory bordered by: 

East: Canadian Pacific Railway

West: 32nd Avenue, Lachine

North: Metropolitain Boulevard 

South: St-Lawrence River, including LaSalle, Verdun and Nun’s Island

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