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Patient and Nurse

Become a Member

Nova Home Care members share our vision and core values. Thanks to the ongoing involvement and advocacy of our members, we can continue having a positive impact through community-based care. By becoming a Nova Home Care member, you will benefit from:


  • The right to vote at annual general meetings

  • Access to an active network of like-minded businesses, organizations and individuals

  • The opportunity to participate in community-based focus groups and research projects

  • Direct invitations to private and community events

  • Direct receipt of annual reports, newsletters and updates

  • Consideration for board member positions



Nova Home Care relies greatly on dedicated volunteers to help ensure the quality of programs and services offered within the community. We have various positions available that cater to your interests, skills and availabilities, including opportunities to volunteer remotely.



  • Previous related work experience is an asset

  • Bilingual (English/French)

  • Satisfactory police record check

  • Interview (Non-Program Support positions only)

  • Two satisfactory references (professional and/or academic) (Program Support positions only)


Program Support volunteers provide direct assistance to clients in Nova Home Care’s Palliative Care, Home Support & Respite and Children’s Services programs. In addition to working directly with patients, volunteers provide support to combat the isolation and depression often associated with the caregiving role. They help maintain the quality of life of the family. All volunteers are expected to submit a monthly activity report.


To maintain continuity of care, a minimum time commitment of three hours per week for six months is required. Volunteers are provided with orientation, training and peer support.

Palliative Care Program Volunteer

Nova Home Care’s Palliative Care program offers in-home support and comfort to terminally ill patients through specialized nursing care and help with symptom management, including pain control. Volunteers will be matched with a client and will schedule regular home visits to provide care, support and/or respite based on the client’s support plan. Volunteers keep the patient company and help with daily activities. (learn more)


Home Support & Respite Program Volunteer

Nova Home Care's Home Support and Respite program offers respite and support to caregivers of people with chronic illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, strokes, cancer, and frail health. Volunteers will be matched with a client and will schedule regular home visits to provide care, support and/or respite based on the client’s support. Volunteers keep the patient company and help with daily activities. (learn more)


Children’s Services Program Volunteer

Nova Home Care's Children Services program offers in-home respite and support to families of chronically ill children ages 0 to 6 years old. Volunteers will be matched with a family who has a child with a disability. The volunteer is expected to schedule weekly visits (minimum of 3 hours) to animate activities and actively engage the child in play, while providing respite for the caregiver. (learn more)


Non-Program Support volunteers provide administrative and operational assistance to maintain Nova Home Care’s ongoing operations and special projects.

Nova Home Care Ambassador

Represent our organization externally and promote our mission, programs and services. Assist with volunteer recruitment and raise awareness about fundraising needs. Manage informational kiosks at designated locations (e.g. hospitals, schools, community groups, etc.). This is an onsite volunteering opportunity.


Senior Support Ambassador (Special Project)

Join an intergenerational project to contribute to the wellbeing of Montreal’s aging population. Participate in the strategic and operational development of our volunteer program. This is an in-office volunteering opportunity (six group meetings, free coffee and snacks provided).


Office Volunteer

Help with daily administrative tasks. This is an in-office volunteering opportunity.


Fundraising Volunteer

Assist with the organization and execution of fundraising campaigns and/or events. This is an in-office and onsite volunteering opportunity.


Social Media Volunteer

Optimize and update our social media accounts. This is a remote volunteering opportunity.


Graphic/Web Design Volunteer

Maintain and update our website. This is a remote volunteering opportunity. 


Translation Volunteer (French/English)

Translate documents, publications and online content. This is a remote volunteering opportunity.


Learn more about Nova Home Care’s general operations.

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