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Board of Directors & Patrons

Board of Directors & Patrons


Randy Witten


Samy Amar



Dr. Patricia Riley

Past President

Susan Magor


Samy Amar

Guy Archambault

Sophie Baillargeon

Dr. Geneviève Dechêne

Marie-Eve Dubois

Zelda Freitas

Marie Christine Le Bourdais

Elisa Mazzoccone

Judith Marchessault

Lois Miller

Dr. Patricia Riley

Mathieu Sirois


Dr. Phil Gold

Carol Harrison

Eric Klinkhoff

Dr. Balfour M. Mount

Dr. David S. Mulder

Mary Ross

Deirdre J. Stevenson

Dr. Michael Thirlwell

Victoria Trim

Philip L. Webster

Boyd Whittall

our staff

Administrative Staff

Anne-Sophie Schlader

Executive director

514-866-6801 ext. 225

*person responsible for privacy compliance


Dominique Gohier

Clinical Director  / RN

Project Manager - The Blue Cross Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program

514-866-6801 ext. 305

Marianne Simoneau

Director, Philanthropic Development



Hélène Rioux 

Payroll Consultant and Clinical Coordinator

514-866-6801 ext. 0

Financial Controller

Clinical Staff

Nursing Team

Annie Gagnon

514-866-6801 ext. 303

Audrey Thérien

514-866-6801 ext. 301

Hélène Authier

514-866-6801 ext. 300

Paula Habib

514-866-6801 ext. 304

Social Worker

Vanessa Molony

514-866-6801 poste. 310

Home Health Aides

Lourdes Bucchalter

Magalie Chartrand

Heraclea Cuezo-Lopez

Gifty Owusu

Mia Guanhua Su

Emilie Giroux-Grancharoff

Tian Rongzhen

Blessing Vhembo

Christine Hazel Sumangil

Dawn Jones

Thérèse Diawara

Naïma El Korchi

Valérie Martineau

Sophia Shan Zhao

Massage Therapists

François Guay

Martine Juteau

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