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L’Appui Montréal

A partnership between the Quebec Government and the Chagnon Family Foundation 


Support from L’Appui Montréal allows Nova Montréal to provide respite to caregivers within our service area. Thanks to this funding, caregivers of the elderly are eligible for respite services at reduced rates or free of charge, for low income families or caregivers with a heavy burden.


Québec Blue Cross® gave a substantial financial support to Nova Montréal to develop the Québec Blue Cross® Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program. It is unique to Québec in offering free, accredited training by Nova Montréal to palliative homecare nurses across the province. The goal of this program is to enable nurses to receive free training to better support people at the end of their lives at home. This program will be offered over a period of five years.

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Grace Dart Foundation’s outstanding financial support of our home care program demonstrates a genuine commitment to caring for the isolated senior community of Montreal.  Grace Dart Foundation and Nova Home Care share values of respect, collaboration, compassion, dignity, and kindness.  Since 2019, our trusted partnership has made it possible for hundreds of isolated seniors to receive home care.  Our team treats them with the respect and dignity they deserve.  Over the past years, Nova Home Care has cultivated strong ties with an array of organizations helping seniors.  Our partnership with the Grace Dart Foundation allows our organization to develop valuable community partnerships and raise its awareness across Greater Montreal to multiply its impact in the community.

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