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Thank you to Caroline Bouchard for her posthumous donation to Nova Home Care!

In 2019, Nova Home Care was privileged to receive a dedicated donation from the Jacques-Bouchard Foundation, whose mission is to promote and support access to palliative home care for adults and children who wish to receive it and whose condition allows for it.

The Nova Home Care team was sad to learn of Caroline Bouchard’s passing in October 2021. On the eve of the first anniversary of her death, we were surprised to learn she had bequeathed $200,000 to our organization. This gesture demonstrates the importance of palliate care for her. We wish to thank her for this generous gift, which will allow us to continue our mission to provide personalized, high-quality and compassionate at-home care to people who are ill or nearing the end of life and the families who support them.

Nova also provides various complementary services to patients, notably wellness services like massages and psychotherapy support. As well, the Jacques-Bouchard Fund enables us to provide caregiver respite and financial support to rent the equipment necessary to care for patients at home. 

The entire Nova Home Care team wishes to highlight Caroline Bouchard’s immense philanthropic work to support palliative care. We pay tribute to her life and will continue our mission ensuring the legacy of the Jacques-Bouchard Foundation remains central to our daily activities! 

Want to donate to the Jacques-Bouchard Fund, operated by Nova Home Care? Complete the online donation form by clicking HERE.


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