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Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program

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Québec Blue Cross® took notice of Nova Home Care's palliative care program and its important impact on the community. Nova Home Care received financial support to develop and launch the Blue Cross Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program.


This initiative is part of the Québec Blue Blue Cross's® commitment to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities across Quebec by supporting organizations that are committed to improving the quality of life of those in need. 

The Blue Cross Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program is unique in offering free, accredited training by Nova Home Care to palliative homecare nurses across the province. The goal of this program is to enable nurses to receive free training to better support people at the end of their lives at home. 


More and more people at the end of their lives express the desire to live their last moments at home. However, to ensure that these patients receive services adapted to their condition, it is important that health professionals are able to provide quality palliative care adapted to the realities of the home outside of hospitals. 


This unique program in Quebec will help meet this need by offering free and accredited training for home care palliative care nurses at local community service centers (CLSCs) throughout the province. It will be deployed over a period of 5 years.


This program will commence in September 2019 by videoconference lead by Nova Home Care’s clinical nurse Dominique Gohier. Highlights of the training will include:

  • Theoretical training given at Nova Home Care, CLSCs or by videoconference

  • Clinical mentoring for nurses who want to accompany Nova Home Care nurses home visiting

  • Telephone accompaniment for immediate support from Nova Home Care specialists

Through this program, Nova Home Care will allow more people at the end of life to receive services that meet their needs, in the environment they have chosen.

Patient and Nurse

Nova Home Care and Québec Blue Cross®  are pleased to offer The Québec Blue Cross®  Home Palliative Care Mentorship Program. Unique in Quebec, this free, accredited training program enables nurses and healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge and skills in palliative care. This program is available to palliative home care nurses accross the province

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