COVID–19 Update

Nova Home Care continues to offer in-home health services in compliance with the Quebec Government’s Directives


Nova Home Care has established temporary preventive measures to reduce the impact and the risk of spreading COVID-19 to our employees, volunteers, clients, their families and the community as a whole. Nova Home Care’s administrative office will be closed until further notice. All office staff are working remotely.

Current clients, if you need assistance, please call 514-866-6801 and leave a message in your designated nurse’s voicemail box:

Director of Clinical Services
Dominique Gohier: ext. 305
Clinical Nurses
Annie Gagnon: ext. 303
Felipe Mena: ext. 302
Hélène Authier: ext. 300

Paula Habib: ext. 304
Hélène Plouffe: ext. 301

  • Palliative, Home Support and Respite for Caregivers Services are being provided by Nova Home Care’s nurses and home support workers by phone and/or in person, depending on each case.

  • Children’s Respite Program telephone support is being provided to current clients; however in-home support is suspended until further notice. No new cases for this program are being accepted at this time.

  • New clients: Nova Home Care is accepting new clients for palliative, home support and respite caregiver services. Please email: or call 514-866-6801.

  • For all other inquiries please contact Nova Home Care at: 514-866-6801 and leave a message on the answering machine. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please call the Quebec Government’s hotline at 1-877-644-4545.


Question 1: Is Nova Home Care providing in-home for all its services?
Answer: No. We are only offering in-home Palliative, Home Support and Respite services to current and new clients. The Children’s Respite is temporarily suspended for home visits. Support is being provided to parents by phone.
Question 2: I am a current client of Nova Home Care; can I contact with my designated nurse?
Answer: Yes. Please call 514-866-6801 and leave a message in your designated nurse’s voicemail box. Your call will be returned promptly.
Director of Clinical Services
Dominique Gohier: ext 305
Clinical Nurses
Annie Gagnon: ext 303
Felipe Mena: ext 302
Hélène Authier: ext 300

Paula Habib: ext 304
Hélène Plouffe: ext 301

Question 3: I need information on Nova Home Care, can I come by your office?
Answer: NO. Nova Home Care’s administrative office will be closed until further notice. All office staff are working remotely. Please email: or call 514-866-6801. Your call will be returned promptly.
Question 4: What do I do if I feel I have the coronavirus?
Answer: If you are worried about COVID-19 or display symptoms such as a cough, fever or sudden loss of sense of smell and taste without nasal congestion, you can call 514-644-4545 or 1-877-644-4545. The Quebec Government has published a guide (Self-Care Guide - COVID-19) designed to help you make the best possible decisions to protect your health and the health of your loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Question 5: Can I still visit friends and family in hospitals, residential and longterm care centres and private seniors’ homes?
Answer: The Quebec Government has a website to answer any questions you may have on the pandemic and its effect on our society.
Question 6: How long will this situation continue to disrupt your operations?
Answer: We will only be able to resume full operations once the Government of Quebec provides the all clear. We are following their directives in this matter.
Question 7: I have a family member who may soon require palliative care, how can Nova Home Care help us?
Answer: Nova Home Care’s Palliative care services are still operating, and we continue to receive patients. Please email: or call 514-866-6801 to register your loved one. The active involvement of a physician is required.
Question 8: I am a senior citizen living alone and quite anxious about this virus, how can Nova Home Care help me?
Answer: We are available to support you. NOVA Home Care's Home Support & Respite is continuing its operations and we are available to help. Please call 514-866-6801 or email us at:
Question 9: Is Nova Home Care in need of donations?
Answer: Yes. As a not for profit, Nova Home Care depends on the generosity of its donors to have the funds to provide services to the community. If you would like to make a  website or call 514-866-6801.
In addition, Nova Home Care is in need of the following items to be donated:

  • Surgical face masks

  • Shoes covers

  • Yellow isolation gowns

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